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We are a full-service marketing and consulting agency specializing in automation technologies and systematic testing. Our motto is Customer-centric, Data-driven because our focus on our client’s and their customer’s needs. Our experience is grounded in return on investment and optimizing results.

After studying your business and your needs, we diligently craft, integrate and optimize business & marketing technologies.  Our insightful reports and sharp toolkit will enable you to efficiently and sustainably grow your business.

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“Henry & his team are an integral part of our company. Now we are more organized, more targeted, more automated, and more successful. And it shows in our numbers!

— Kristina Dommers
Director Marketing & Sales @ Breakout Audio Visual


A Thoughtfully Integrated Business & Marketing Approach

We clearly define your business objectives and distill a performance scorecard to track our campaigns, our progress, and our results. Once in the flow of our regular check-ins, monthly reports and real-time strategy recommendations, you will achieve a new awareness for the scope and pace of your growth.

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Successful organizations appreciate their customer or client and empathize with their consumer’s decision cycle. Although each business focuses on a specific niche, and your customer’s path is never this linear, there are four global considerations that outline a comprehensive strategy.
Focused business managers integrate projection models with automation technologies to distill performance scorecards that streamline business decisions. Setting the proper foundation unlocks a sophisticated testing infrastructure that blooms into a virtuous cycle of insights and results.
The first step for any product or service is to let people know that it exists. If you’re just launching a new business or a new product or service within an existing business, you need to efficiently validate that people are willing to pay sustainable prices for the need you’re solving. That’s one part effectively communicating why someone should choose you, and four parts listening to what they say or do in reply.

If you’re expanding an existing offering, you’re balancing the objectives of finding new customers with increasing the lifetime value of past relationships. Distilling insights from past interactions enables a more focused and streamlined conversation moving forward.

Once someone has indicated they are interested in what you have to offer, we need to quickly identify that prospect’s mapping to an existing or developing customer persona, their propensity to engage, and how (if at all) we are going to invest our time and resources in deepening that relationship. This stage is an opportunity to gain a more thorough perspective on the pain points and desires of your target market. Whether you’re adjusting the framing, or adjusting the product or service, listening to what your audience thinks it wants (and actually needs) is often critical to driving growth.

You’ve identified your target customer, you’ve even got their attention, and they are even ready to pull out their wallet and make a choice – but do they choose you? The more value you create, and the more trust you instill, the more likely you are to close the deal over time.

Often times, simply implementing best practices is sufficient to notably improve conversion rates. Once baseline is achieved, systematic testing and optimization guides grand arc strategy to improve sales and profit.

Enable and inspire your customers to be your greatest champions by maintaining the conversation after closing the deal. Whether you explicitly incentivize referrals with a loyalty program or implicitly encourage sharing by offering valuable insights or telling good stories, finding a way to support your biggest fans is often a good long-term growth strategy.

Every business has a series of operating assumptions about their supply and demand considerations, and the sooner those assumptions are validated (or invalidated) the sooner the business manager has critical information needed to guide growth. Creating a comprehensive list of unknowns, and rank ordering by potential impact, provides a very meaningful starting point for testing and optimization.

Once we’ve identified the key questions to ask, the next step is delineating the tools, analytics packages, and quantifiable metrics of success we’ll use to track our progress. Individual campaign goals then roll up into the overarching business objectives, enabling business managers unparalleled insight from project to result.

When concisely communicated hypotheses are met with diligently planned tests, the resulting integrated performance scorecards systematically drive sustainable business development. Not every test will successfully drive business growth, but every bit of effort should be engineered to yield incremental knowledge about your market or your audience. These tests and reports quickly become cornerstones of overall marketing and business strategy.

As business managers continue to pressure test assumptions, they refine understanding for product-market fit and elasticity of demand. That clarity is often documented in internal wikis or other knowledge bases to inform and focus current and future teammates. These well-documented, thoroughly pressure-tested action plans are often easier to sell internally and more successful in implementation.

“Henry & Darragh are great to work with. They are smart, organized and efficient. Green Peak Labs has been instrumental in defining and developing the next phase of my rapidly growing business.”

— Melissa McCool
Founder & Psychotherapist @ STI Innovations



Are you taking advantage of efficiencies in marketing and business automation? Learn more about industry benchmarks and best practice to develop your systematic growth plan.

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Close rate of organic search leads compared to 1.7% close rate of outbound leads.
Organizations who have someone in place to oversee their content strategy.
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