What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) email marketing solution packed with innovative features such as WordPress and CRM integrations, Google Analytics tracking, and e-commerce conversion tracking. It has become the preferred email marketing services provider of many companies, and for good reason. MailChimp allows you to create engaging campaigns, driven by intriguing content that can be easily shared as well. The campaigns lend themselves well to digital, integrated, and social media marketing. You can keep your target audience interested in your brand, and do more than just send out mass emails to them. MailChimp provides endless possibilities for driving up the ROI of your campaign, at an affordable price. You don’t have to deal with budget setbacks when you leverage the best of what MailChimp has to offer.


Why do we use MailChimp?

At Green Peak Labs, we are huge advocates of email marketing. When campaigns are properly and ethically managed, statistics show significant increases to conversion goals across an array of industries (see supportive article).  Using data driven “best techniques”, we have implemented many email marketing campaigns for our clients that have resulted in highly successful ROI’s. This is a fantastic way to increase customer-engagement with a relatively low impact on a marketing budget.

Content is King is especially true with such an effort. At Green Peak Labs we will help edit your content to ensure high open rates and increase CTR’s. Once we get a template in place, we will put you in the driver seat and offer team/personal education and resources on how to carry out your weekly/monthly/quarterly email campaign.

Although fairly easy to learn, email marketing takes a diligent and savvy manager in order to see proper results. This manager should be knowledgeable in design, coding and analytics/testing. With all the right tools in your belt, the following will be available to help encourage and achieve a contact point with your current and potential clientele:

  • CUSTOM TEMPLATE DESIGN: Incorporate your company feel and tonality to let your customers know they are speaking to you and not some internet robot. With custom template design you have the power to incorporate color, text, tone, logo, photography, etc. into a reusable template. You can also classify your customers into segments thus allowing to auto-contact them based on certain events (ex: Did your customer purchase a filter that lasts 3 months this January? Have an email reminder with a 15% discount code sent out automatically in March informing your customer that the filter is reaching the end of its usability.)
  • ACCOUNT SET-UP: Mailchimp offers an array of packages ranging from free to over $500 per month; all dependent upon the scope of your campaign. Inside each of these packages are different levels of user access. After handling dozens of start-ups of all sizes we can help determine, explain and handle the account set-up for your before handing off or running the campaign at your request. A highlight of MailChimp over other email marketing providers is the amount of integration it allows. Such an example would be its ability to be integrated into a customer relationship management system (CRM). By keeping record of important client data harvested from email subscribers, you can customize and provide more value into your campaigns.
  • CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: If you are happy to let the professionals handle your campaign so you can focus on running the business, we would be happy to discuss this option. As with all our services, email marketing is “Customer centric. Data driven.”  We want to know your goals of this campaign and provide realistic statistics regarding how we intend on getting your to the peak. We will provide a monthly scorecard detailing the efforts and results seen though user data and explain how we plan on measuring and implementing changes to increase the chances for conversion in future endeavors.


MailChimp vs. the competition:

The following is why we use MC over others. Here are the advantages. Here are the disadvantages. Here are links to others who support the use of other available tools. Etc.

Make email marketing a tool in your marketing knapsack to help you summit the peak of Marketing Mountain!

Check out these helpful resources related to MailChimp. Becoming familiar with email marketing is a great way to increase ROI and enable your company’s success: