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Keep your business agile by allocating Value Units to your most pressing needs and your most efficient opportunities. Always know the progress, and impact, of our various campaigns. Never pay for work – only pay for results.

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Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

B2B organizations who have not identified their business funnel.
Leading marketers say automation most responsible for improving revenure contribution.
Higher conv. rate for automation users to generate a qualified lead than non-users.
Or greater increase in ROI within 6-9 months when adopting automation lead management.

Value Unit Pricing™

What’s it all about?

Value Unit Pricing™ is all about forming long-lasting, strategic partnerships. To be a strategic growth partner, our work must continuously provide incremental and meaningful value. Instead of wasting time on hourly or project bids that aren’t tied to your business outcomes, we clearly identify the objectives, metrics, goals, and relative value of every ounce of our effort. These Value Units are then reported side-by-side with marketing and sales metrics so that you can see the investment, and outcome, for each marketing channel and business focus. Value Units are purchased in bulk on a monthly basis and are allocated to campaigns and tasks as needed based on your current priorities and opportunities. As your industry landscape changes, or as we rigorously identify your most efficient engagement tools by testing hypotheses, we nimbly reallocate Value Units to the projects that make the most sense given our current information. That means your always in the know and always in control.

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No unexpected fees. No headaches. Just results.

Standard Pricing Table
“Surprisingly quick ROI! My first experience with Green Peak Labs yielded results so fast that our incremental business paid for their expert support by the end of our second month. I am now working with GPL on my 2nd company. We started from scratch and once again, I can’t believe how fast the results have hit our bottom line! Hiring Green Peaks Labs hasn’t cost me a penny – and the results are fantastic!”

— Kurt Dommers
President @ Breakout Audio Visual



You’re journey to the top of Performance Peak begins here.

Climber Package

  • Monthly Peak Performance Scorecard™
  • Unlimited Project Management in Asana
  • Bi-weekly Project Updates
  • 30 Value Units / Month
  • $33 / Value Unit

Gondola Package

  • Monthly Peak Performance Scorecard™
  • Unlimited Project Management in Asana
  • Weekly Project Updates
  • 135 Value Units / Month
  • $30 / Value Unit

Jetpack Package

  • Monthly Peak Performance Scorecard™
  • Unlimited Project Management in Asana
  • Weekly x2 Project Updates
  • 300 Value Units / Month
  • $27 / Value Unit

Although we custom-tailor packages depending on specific needs and opportunities, each package comes standard with the following:

Project Management

To keep everyone organized and aligned, we include project management directly into our value units for campaign. Individual tasks are managed through Asana, or your internal project management software, and we provide regular reports (timing depends on your package) on the progress and impact of our efforts. This includes scheduling & running meetings, centralizing necessary documents, monitoring analytics, strategic planning and campaign coordination.

Peak Performance Scorecard™

Every month, your account manager will meet with you to review the activities and results from the past month and allocate Value Units for the coming month. Your Peak Performance Scorecard™ will provide insight into what’s been done, how it’s working & what’s driving results so that you can make the most informed decisions. We then adapt our strategy based on campaign performance and align expectations about what is going to be accomplished in the following month.

“Henry and his team are incredible in their scope and depth. One month they wrote, produced, and directed videos; the next month they designed and developed our new website; and now they are working on contracts, HIPPA regulations, and sales strategies. Green Peak Labs is like an entire Marketing and Business Development department at a fraction of the cost.”

— Melissa McCool
Founder & Psychotherapist @ Symptom Targeted Intervention


Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.

Revenue Share &Equity Contracts

Together we achieve more.

Whereas our standard packages above are paid in full up front at the beginning of each month, revenue share and equity agreements offer opportunities for high-potential companies that are currently cash-strapped. Revenue share indicates that Green Peak Labs earns a percentage of incoming revenue and equity indicates that Green Peak Labs earns a percentage of the company stock during a given time frame. We have done rev share and equity contracts in the past, and the deferred compensation can account for up to half of the contract total. That said, we are extremely selective in choosing the companies that qualify for our deferred payment plans. To see if you and your team are a good fit, please click the button below and fill out our proposal form and mark revenue share or equity in the notes section so we can start the conversation.

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