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As your strategic growth partner, we identify opportunities and prioritize campaigns that achieve your short- and long-term objectives. Our diligent process coupled with our flexible Value Unit Pricing™ ensures that your resources are aligned with results.

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Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

More leads generated by inbound tactics vs. traditional paid marketing.
Average time taken to pick-up phone and respond to newly generated lead.
Average sales that go to vendor who first responds.
Avg. cost savings per lead using inbound tactics.
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Investigate. Model. Analyze. Decide. Embark.

To know if you’re on track, we must first know where you’re headed. Time, money, and energy are limited resources that must be utilized efficiently to deliver desired business outcomes. To ensure effective results, we start with a Green Sky Brainstorm™ – a fun team exercise that creates a comprehensive list of all ideas across the organization – that then distills into a rank-ordered set of objectives and key results. After setting quantifiable goals to measure our progress, we create a detailed action plan with deliverables and due dates that forms the rock-bed foundation of future efforts.

When embarking on a business growth journey, you want to be confident about your goal and the path to get there. The cartographers at Green Peak Lab create a custom-tailored campaign map that incorporates proven gauges, compasses and landmarks to lead your company to its summit.

“Henry and his team are a pleasure to work with. Attentive, creative, cost effective problem solving at it best.

— Michael Salmon
Co-Owner @ MakerPlace

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Curate. Engage. Value.
Connect. Convert. Inspire.

Effective websites enable the overlap between user intent and business objectives. In the discovery phase, after determining objectives & key results, we review past metrics to create a set of customer or client personas. Lastly, we review your competitors’ websites to understand how others are offering products and services similar to your own.

After discovery is complete, we first start by determining persona use cases and mapping user intent to engagement opportunities. We then take that user flow and overlay existing and future content to create an information architecture. That content blueprint plus the user experience gets codified into first a static wireframe, then a living wireframe, and then a full draft complete with content, images, videos, and functionality. Once the relevant analytics packages and automated workflows are integrated, we pressure test the site to validate the experience and data for each engagement point for each consumer persona. Your website is an irreplaceable asset in your business portfolio, and it’s worth the extra diligence to make certain that every relevant consideration is cared for.

“I tend to be a little tech-phobic and also very detail-oriented. Henry patiently walked me through the process and helped me make educated choices while diligently addressing my long lists of little changes.”

— Janet Lee
Acupuncturist & Owner @ Vim & Vita Acupuncture

Peak Performance Scorecard
Peak Performance Scorecard 2
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Distill. Organize. Align.
Stack. Test. Climb.

Marketing campaigns are units of output honed to drive awareness, engage prospects, convert sales, and inspire advocates. Depending on the complexity of your business and your marketing goals, there are a plethora of different tools, platforms, and strategies to be implemented. We help you navigate the confusing landscape of marketing technologies to create an systematic workflow and reporting schedule that fits the needs of you and your team. Use your Peak Performance Scorecard™ to quickly identify key insights from successful campaigns that further optimize future strategic efforts.

“Henry has been an incredible asset to our nascent start-up company. He was the critical voice of our website design team that we needed to complete our site for launch. His expertise in SEO, front-end aesthetics, and back-end programming with total command of user experience and analytics has been key to our successful site development and deployment process.”

— Matthew Ramos
Co-Owner & Marketing Lead @ Garlic Shaker

Drive Results 1
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Appreciate. Challenge. Inform.
Collaborate. Clarify. Rally.

Our management consulting services systematically identify your most critical issues and your highest value opportunities. We have collaborated with our clients on topics such as long-term industry analysis, product-market fit validation, supply chain optimization, cost reductions, contract negotiations, team turnarounds, and much more. We provide focused, hands-on experience across a variety of functions and industries to distill qualified recommendations and valuable insights. We are best known for our Peak Performance Briefs™ that unravel nitty gritty minutae of complex considerations to clarify drivers and gain perspective on the macro understandings that drive results. We work hard to understand your business, your people, and your challenges so we can be a strategic asset in your growth plan.

“Henry is one of the most responsible and detail-oriented humans I’ve ever met. His focus, task management, and affinity for spreadsheets makes him uniquely suited to help business owners manage and grow their companies. I can’t imagine anyone actually enjoying spreadsheets, but you’ll be glad that Henry does.”

— Timothy Meier
Lead Designer & Owner @ Timothy Meier Jewelry

Henry Presentation
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Keynotes. Kick-offs. Breakouts. Workshops. Classes. Trainings.

Henry Finkelstein is an engaging speaker that passionately advocates for empathy and analytics within non-profits and businesses. He regularly inspires audiences at local and regional events on the topics including but not limited to user experience, inbound marketing, marketing automation, paid search, lead cultivation, managing the arts, and the lean methodology for business development.

To better optimize his presentations to his audience, Henry polls his audience to understand their specific interests and needs within the scope of the presentation topic. He then carefully crafts each presentation to showcase real-world solutions while incorporating data-driven insights and competitive benchmarks. Depending on the event and the audience, topics include simple and sophisticated considerations and can be geared towards a mix of beginner and advanced. This way, the presentation is specifically optimized for providing meaningful direction and actionable connections.

A serial entrepreneur and agency founder, Henry grounds lofty concepts in his own experiences as well as those of clients and competitors. He is best known for his rapid-fire “Map Your Peak” sessions where he works with participants to systematically identify, validate, and internalize core operating hypotheses. He integrates the people and the stories with lessons learned and results to create a powerful and custom-tailored presentation that’s unique to your participants and their needs.

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